Digital process tools for
modern healthcare

the Physicians
efficiency by 88%

Satisfied patients
Reduces incoming
phone calls
by 25%

Short waiting times
On average
waiting time
12 min

Stable economy
Sustainable economical

We are experts
in processes

CollaboDocs modern process tool takes the face-to-face meeting between the doctors and patients to a completely new level. The doctors can spend more quality-time with the patients since their administration following the urgent care visit is minimized.

The collaboration between doctors and nurses is facilitated and the patients become involved in their own care in a unique way.


  • Increased participation in care
  • Increased availability for patients
  • Increased efficiency for caregivers
  • Increased quality for all


  • Increases physician efficiency by 88%
  • Reduces incoming phone calls by 25%
  • Average waiting time 12 min
  • Improves workplace environment
  • Primary care center economy improves
  • Physicians’ administration minimizes