Collabodoc Bokat Besök

Give the patient time and questions to think about before the visit

There you go, finally the long-awaited follow-up to Collabodoc Lättakuten is on it's way! All booked visits can now be handled by this new Collabodoc process tool. The patient feels more prepared, the doctor receives smooth documentation support and more time can be spend on the most valuable activity of all: the patient meeting.

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Work flow

The patient answers questions digitally prior to the visit

The patient prepares for the visit by digitally answering a questionnaire

The patient is involved in the process right from the start and the reponses within the questionnaire are automatically converted into a journal text after a review by the health care staff.

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Easy to get started

Collabodoc has a proven start package

For every new customer getting started with Sjukskrivning, Collabodoc takes care of the project management and guides the operations manager throughout the whole process. Our two physicians, Staffan Bjessmo and Göran Modin, with extensive leadership and change management experience, are always part of the project team before a new customer gets going. This ensures a smooth implementation and that all medical types of questions are taken care of.

Customize Collabodoc Bokat besök to your graphic profile

White-label solution

Smooth customization of the graphic design based on the company's profile, with logo, colors and fonts etc.

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Collabodoc Lättakuten is an approved medical device. All data transfer is encrypted over HTTPS and processed in accordance with GDPR and PDL.