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Translating ”See-and-Treat” to Primary Care: Opening the gates does not cause a flood

Carl Savage, Staffan Bjessmo, Oleg Borisenko, Henrik Larsson, Jacob Karlsson, and Pamela Mazzocato (2019)

International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 2019, 1–7

"Lättakuten made the phone calls to the health center decrease by over 40% in the first 2 years."

"Emergency visits decreased by 9.5% in the first year."

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Understanding variation in the ”See and Treat” process in Swedish primary care centres. A comparative analysis of process efficiency, patient volumes and patient pathways

King, R. And Guo, Y. (2018)

Master thesis for Degree of Master of Medical Science, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), Karolinska Institutet

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Telephone triage for management of same-day consultation requests in general practice (the ESTEEM trial): a cluster-randomized controlled trial and cost-consequence analysis

Campell, J. L. et al (2014)

The Lancet vol 384

The world's largest randomized study of primary care primary care, 42 health centers (20,990 patients).


  1. Telephone triage by nurse leads to 48% more healthcare contacts within 28 days of first contact
  2. Telephone triage by a doctor leads to 33% more healthcare contacts within 28 days of first contact
  3. Patients receiving physical physician visits have significantly lower number of follow-up care contacts within 28 days after first contact

Telephone triage for an emergency visit in primary care lead to a significant increase in the number of healthcare contacts within 28 days. It was also observed that patients in the triage group were more dissatisfied.

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Primary healthcare delivery: an exploratory case study of a ”See and treat” unit

Karlsson, J. and Larsson, H. (2014)

Bachelor thesis in management, Department of management and organization, Stockholm School of Economics

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The Åkermyntan Primary health Care Center: Integrating ”See-and-Treat” in Primary Health Care

Jüriska, M., Karlsson, J., Keel, G., Larsson, H., Mazzocato, P. And Savage, C. (2014)

Bachelor thesis in medical management, Karolinska Institutet, case: 14-001

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